With the release of 7.4, the existing accept/reject functionality now includes the Reasons for Rejection feature. This allows your agency to configure a standard set of reason for [requisition] rejections. The list is configured in System Setup and will be available to the buyer when he or she rejects a requisition. This will provide more additional information to requisitioners, to help them better understand why the requisition was rejected. 

Rejection comments are recorded in the document's status history and in it's notes, including the Rejection Reason note type on the Recent Notes panel. Also, management may run reports based on rejections reasons, which will enable them to analyze the reasons why rejections are rejected, and use the information to better inform requisitioners in the future. 

Configuring Rejection Reasons

To configure reasons for rejection to be used by buyers in requisitions:

  1. From the Home page, navigate to System Setup | Agency.
  2. Select Reason for Rejection in the Agency Code Type field.
  3. Click Add, or select a code from the list and click Edit.
  4. In the Code field, type the code you want to use. (The end-user will never see this. It is a unique identifier only for system/database use.)
  5. In the Description field, write a clear, non-technical description of the principal purpose of the rejection reason. The text you enter here is what the buyer will see on the Confirmation pop-up window when he or she starts the process to reject a requisition. This reason should (and probably will) have a meaning that is obvious to the buyer, but also obvious to the requisitioner, to help him or her understand what needs to be fixed before the requisition is resubmitted.

These will appear once the requisitioner selects Reject on the requistion.