If you have submitted a ticket that required a code change to the application, you may receive a notification that the ticket has since been closed. Rest assured that this is not because your ticket is no longer being worked on - rather, our teams have applied the appropriate code changes to the software, tested the fix, and the fix is ready to be included in the next-scheduled release of the software.

Freshdesk is automated to send a notification to you, the requester of the ticket, when the code change is passed by our QA team. The email notification will look something like this:



Thank you for your patience while we worked on the following request:


#1234567 - Unable to Change My Notification Settings



We have confirmed the issue has been resolved and the fix will be included in an upcoming release. Please speak with your account manager on the details regarding the timing of the software release. Have a nice day!



Unison Customer Care

The purpose of this automation is to ensure that you as an interested party is kept in the loop when we in fact apply the required changes to our software. If it is required that a ticket in our ticketing system be kept open for any reason, please let us know on the ticket and we will do so at your discretion.