Requests or tickets may be submitted to Unison Customer Care one of many different ways.

  1. A ticket may be submitted via email using one of the following email addresses:


Unison PRISM Support:

Unison PRISM Grants Support:

  1. A ticket is automatically created upon calling our support phone lines:

Unison Support Phone: 1.800.899.6665

PRISM: Option 1

FedConnect: Option 2

Other Assistance: Option 3

  1. A ticket may be submitted here on the support portal (Freshdesk), whether you are logged in or not, by clicking the "New Support Ticket" button on the homepage:


  1. A ticket will be submitted automatically upon providing feedback on a solution article in the support portal (such as this one):

  1. A ticket will be automatically created when a new Forum topic is posted in either the "PRISM Feature Requests" forum or the "Report a Problem" forum, which will be linked to the forum topic for Unison Customer Care to reference. You must be logged into Freshdesk to be able to view or post to the Forums.